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K P Namboodiri's

K P Namboodiri's Neem & Tulsi Herbal Soap - Combo Pack

K P Namboodiri's Neem & Tulsi Herbal Soap - Combo Pack

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Natural extracts of Neem and Tulsi enriched with Triphala for cleansing and skin protection. It is made from 100% vegetable oils and is suitable for all skin types. This soap is enhanced Neem and Tulsi which deeply cleanses your skin, leaving you less susceptible to infections and other skin issues. As the name Triphala suggests, this ancient Ayurvedic remedy is the combination of three main naturally occurring ingredients; Amla, Bibhtaki and Harra, these ingriedetns are rich source of Vitamins and anti oxidants helps to protect your skin

It is made from 100% vegetable oils with Grade 1 76% TFM and is suitable for all skin types
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Key benefits of using K P Namboodiris NEEM

  • Cleansing and skinprotection

    K P Namboodiris Neem& Tulsi Herbal soap offer a
    natural way to cleanse and protect your skin

  • Goodnessof Neem & Tulsi enriched with Triphala

    Natural extract of Neem & Tulsi fortified with Tripla
    for advanced skin care

Key ingredients

  • Neem

    Know for anti bacterial, antifungal properties and rich source of antioxidants

  • Tulsi

    Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Triphala¬†

    Great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

How to use

  • Use soap on your wet body and massage to form foam

  • Wash off with water


Whatare the benefits of K P Namboodiris Neem & Tusli Herbal soap

K P Namboodiris Neem & Tulsi Herbal soap offers cleansing and skin protection