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K P Namboodiri's Mint Fresh Herbal Gel Toothpaste 80g with Clove, Cardamom & Menthol

K P Namboodiri's Mint Fresh Herbal Gel Toothpaste 80g with Clove, Cardamom & Menthol

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K P Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Tooth Care Powder (Regular)

K P Namboodiri's Mint Fresh Herbal Gel Toothpaste 80g with Clove, Cardamom & Menthol
Rs. 37.80

The herbal tooth powder from K P Namboodiri’s is meticulously prepared to provide a natural solution for your oral health needs, offering a diverse range of benefits that your conventional toothpaste cannot offer. This Ayurvedic Medicine prevents and cures common dental problems, and keeps gum healthy, teeth white, and breath fresh. What makes our herbal tooth powder stand out as the preferred choice is its specialty in maintaining a radiant smile and healthy gums. K P Namboodiri’s herbal tooth powder is available in two variants: Regular and Strong.

K P Namboodiri’s Dantadhavana Choornam

- Prevents and cures common dental problems

- Keeps gums healthy

- Keeps teeth white

- Keeps breath fresh

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KP Namboodiris Herbal Tooth Powder for Prevention and Cure for Dental Problems

At K P Namboodiri's, we believe in the power of prevention. Our herbal tooth powder is formulated using traditional Ayurvedic ingredients known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. With the regular use of our herbal toothpowder, you can effectively prevent and cure common dental problems such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, and gum disease. It is also helpful for dental discomfort and lasting oral health.

Promotes Healthy Gums

Our herbal tooth powder, enriched with natural ingredients is known for its ability to strengthen gums, soothe inflammation, and promote total gum health. If you are suffering from gum bleeding, gingivitis, or other gum issues, we recommend using K P Namboodiri’s herbal toothpaste to prevent them.

Ensures Fresh Breath

Get fresh breath with our herbal toothpowder. K P Namboodiri’s herbal toothpowder can help you bid farewell to bad breath and embrace long-lasting freshness. The blend of natural aromatic herbs and spices used in our tooth powder not only freshens breath but also neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, ensuring a clean and refreshing feel that lasts throughout the day.

Whitens Teeth Naturally

Bright white teeth are another benefit of our herbal toothpowder. By effectively removing teeth surface stains and discoloration, our toothpowder gently polishes the surface of your teeth.  With K P Namboodiri’s Tooth Powder, you can restore the natural brightness of your teeth, leaving them visibly more beautiful and radiant.

Herbal Tooth Powder Variants Suit Your Preference

At K P Namboodiri’s, we understand that everyone has unique oral care needs. That's why we offer our herbal tooth powder in two variants: Regular Tooth Powder and Strong Tooth Powder. Whether you prefer a gentle yet effective cleansing experience or want extra strength for intensive oral care, we have the right toothpowder you need!

Choose the toothpowder that best suits your oral health and lifestyle. 

Why Choose Our Toothcare Powder?

At K P Namboodiri's Ayurvedics, we follow an herbal and Ayurvedic approach to oral healthcare that promotes the use of natural and herbal ingredients to protect everyone’s teeth and gums. By offering our herbal toothpowder, we want you to build a brighter, healthier smile with natural oral care products. K P Namboodiri’s herbal tooth powder will help you experience herbal oral care, with its natural ingredients. Use K P Namboodiri’s Dantadhavana Choornam to enhance your oral care routine for better teeth and for a brighter smile.